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The project titled ‘Stories of Our Local Heroes: On the frontline of COVID 19’ is a virtual project in the form of an online campaign run on IYAP Afghanistan Facebook page from the 19th of July 2020 through the month of August to the first half of September 2020. The initial phase of the campaign consists of live virtual discussions with individuals such as social activists, doctors and psychologists who have been making ceaseless contributions throughout the crisis situation caused by the COVID 19 pandemic and the latter part of the campaign features several counselling sessions facilitated by volunteer psychologists on Facebook.

Session 01

Providing food for the needy families

Mr. Shafiq Khalilzad, Founder at Youth Volunteer Network

Session 02

Fighting COVID 19 and helping local people

Ms. Farzana Bahadury, Program Coordinator at Afghan Women Welfare and Development Association

Session 03

Fighting COVID 19 and helping poor families

Ms. Homa Usmany, Executive Director of Zardozi Organization

Session 04

Experience at Afghan Japan Hospital and helping COVID 19 patients

Mr. Abdul Basit Amal, Doctor at Afghan Japan COVID 19 Hospital

Session 05

Counseling on how to control stress and anxiety during COVID 19

Ms. Fariba Salman, Psychologist


The main objective lies in appreciation of all the frontline workers whose altruistic efforts positively impacted the wellbeing of the Afghan community and helped cope with and lessen the severe situation and the negativity that pervaded the community. Afghanistan sheltered many individuals, not unlike in all other parts of the world, who insisted on performing their roles and duties so that the major population could stay home to combat the virus. The campaign interviews a couple of people whose boldness and the heart beat for the society could not stop them albeit in a crisis situation, by creating a platform to share their experiences and ideas. This is motivated by a need to bestow the deserved recognition of their efforts and appreciate them while inspiring all those who are rendering a silent selfless service.

 The latter part of the campaign is more direct in its approach to combat the negativity pervading the society, through the free and virtual counselling sessions. The platform thus created is also enabling the voluntary activists who are passionate about extending a helping hand to the community by sharing with a larger audience the ways to tackle the crisis, retain positivity and take care of mental health amidst all the negativity.