Oct 06, 2021


Farhana Khan is an IT business analyst at eGeneration, a freelance recruiter and a founder of Farhana’s Brainstation. She is also engaged with a lot of volunteer work. Farhana has just completed her BSc in Computer Science from Southeast University, Bangladesh. From an early age this girl was interested in volunteer work. She is a modern thinker but also believes in good values given by our ancestors. This incredible girl enjoys team work, tries to have a positive outlook of life, and takes everything that comes her way as an opportunity to become a better person. 

For this reason Farhana started volunteer work in 2015 at YSSE (Youth Schools for Social Entrepreneurs). Then she became one of the executive committee members. Farhana worked for children, women and agriculture. Thereafter she has already worked on six projects at this early age. Farhana wants to build a strong community of youth and prepare them for the future. From this thinking she started Farhana’s Brainstation, a large platform of skill development and knowledge sharing. This online based platform has been created on LinkedIn on June 20, 2020.  The project started with 50 contributors and now it has over 17,000 members, with more than 200 contributors. They promote youth education, learning, and sharing, as well as humanitarian objectives without expectation of compensation. Their aim is to be the most flexible and accessible learning platform in the world. Their Motto is, “Learning today, Leading tomorrow.”  This project will make a positive impact on SDG 4. Farhana also personally tries to give free sessions to various institutions and organizations each week on LinkedIn “LinkedIn for career development” to spread awareness and enlighten them on the advantages of using it.

 This young lady has achieved a lot at a very early age. She didn’t think about herself only, she thought about all the capable citizens of her country. This incredible girl wants to make a change in a dependable society. This ambitious lady believes that every person can change their life by using their talents and skills. Our society couldn’t stop her from learning and sharing her knowledge. And now Farhana becomes an independent youth and a role model to others. Every youth should follow her steps to bring the change of the society.

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