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IYAP Nepal Team in collaboration with SOCH Nepal delivered the project विद्याक that consisted of a series of virtual sessions focusing on a range of topics such as mindfulness, content writing, creative thinking and designing, poetry, entrepreneurship etc. This is a virtual learning platform by which the youth is provided with an elbow room for collective dialogue and discussion and valuable insights on diverse areas such as mental health, creativity, communication and entrepreneurship etc. Incorporating the Nepali oriental philosophy of free education, they have made these sessions 100% free, going by their belief that “knowledge should never be bound by something as trivial as money”. The sessions were initiated on the 10th of May 2020 and resumed until the 08th of June 2020.

Session title Resource person
Mindfulness: Practice mindfulness by mind mapping and body scanning Ms. Sijal Pokharel, Practitioner at School of Happiness
Content writing: Add value to your writing Mr. Binayak Kuikel, Content Writer and Presenter
Creative thinking and designing: Inspire idea and inspire change Mr. Danni Dishon, Coordinator at the American Corner, Jaffna, Sri Lanka
Creative poetry Mr. Sudesh Satyal, Poet
Master the art of communication: Wipe confusion and bring clarity Mr. Shuhaib Ali, Communication Evangelist and Interpersonal Skill Coach
Creative entrepreneurship and individual independence Ms. Priya Sigdel


During the crisis situation owing to the COVID 19 outbreak, the general community demanded a novel way of engagement which was productive and insightful at the same time. As a result, the virtual project was implemented with the aim of “spreading the rays of positivity through learning, to wade off the dark clouds”. The main objective lies in bringing together the youth from different corners of Nepal to learn and have a healthy discourse on a range of topics while interacting with experts from corresponding fields.