Rahul Jesrani

Country Director

Rahul Jesrani is a certified IT auditor as well as social activist. He started off with a business diploma, worked as an accountant, masters in marketing and serving as an IT consultant. He diversifies activities to see this world in a broader perspective. Life goes on shaping our future but not realizing that the present keeps passing each and every second. Everybody dies but not everybody lives. He found an ability that he can never say “NO”. IYAP gives him the opportunity to think with freedom, being nonjudgmental, open doors for learning and exploring.

Maryam Jaan

Assistant Country Director

Maryam Jaan is a Sociologist she holds Master's degree in Sociology(Social Science) and doing M.phil in the same field.She is a Social activist & started her career in Teaching field.She thinks ' Education is the 'Powerhouse' which enlighten many fields & change the world of people.Being a Social Scientist her aim to solve social problems she is working for the betterment in the society and engaged on many social research work especially on youth & empowering of women.Her passion is to serve humanity with zeal & heart & to spread love, uplifting & helping others whenever & wherever possible.

Anam Rizvi

Deputy Country Director

Anam Rizvi is a Business graduate, currently doing her masters in the same field. She works with several peace building institutions for the betterment of her country on different designations. She believes that Allah sent people to this world with reasons and maybe her existence is to spread peace and help people in every aspect. Also she's working for empowerment of women and teenagers. Everyone has some special skills and all we need to know how we can polish those skills. IYAP provides her a chance to help people not only in one area but unroll the region.

Bakhtawar Junaid

Director Media & Social Media

Hafiza Bakhtawar,She has done Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing Management Field.She started her career in Teaching field.She has the Ability to Self-start, she has leadership and management skills and she loves to educate everyone. She thinks that we all are responsible to provide best education to everyone.

Riffat Sattar

Director Partnership Development

She graduated in Statistics. She is very passionate about her work and has a good leadership quality. She also took part in many social activities. As organizer she organized many different carnivals and lead her whole team that makes her leadership quality more stronger so here she really want to perform her duty as a Manager in IYAP to help those who are in need

Rafia Tehreem

Manager Operations & Program

Digital Media Manager with 4 years of corporate experience holds a degree of MBA (Media Management and Marketing). She began her career as Marketing and Sales Associate of the Region,worked as Business Development Executive as well.She is eager to learn and adapt new concepts of the digital world. She thinks that when you show courage in the face of adversity,you change your life and others because the most proactive people are those who won't settle for average and have triumphed through adversity.She believes that Luck is great but smart work is beyond than Luck.

Vikram Kumar

Manager Accounts & Finance

Vikram Kumar holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and has experience in working with several organizations. He has been actively volunteering in several organizations and his passion to work with the youth and the community has made him commit time for IYAP in his role as the Manager of Accounts and Finance.

Abrar Humayun

Director Photographer

Abrar Humayun is a photographer by passion and profession and having an academic background of Mechanical Engineering. He worked in different organizations at different positions as Trainer and Customer Service Expert and having corporate experience of 4 years.He thinks that capturing the world and people is the best thing to do as it makes him feel fresh and alive.He believes that capturing someone's memorable moments beautifully is something really worthy and creative. He is an artist by heart and loves to play with cameras.

Aisha Imtiaz

Director Human Resource

Savannah D’Souza

Manager Media & Social Media

Savannah Dsouza is a freelance Graphic designer by profession with a bachelors in business administration with a majors in Marketing degree, as well as being a certified graphic designer. She started her career as an intern at Mövenpick Hotel Karachi in the marketing department and since that day she knew she wanted to be in the creative field. She loves to think out of the box and She helps people and businesses to get their messages across in ways that are memorable, effective, and aesthetically pleasing. She works with clients to help translate their goals and ideas into design concepts. As a Graphic designer she transforms client needs and ideas into the visual. She chooses to work as a freelance Graphic designer so she can keep up with her professional and personal responsibilities with the perfect blend of work from home and taking care of her house.

Karishma Kumari

Director Finance & Accounts

Karishma Duseja, Finance professional having four months of corporate experience. She has done a Master in Business Administration in HR and Finance. She believes everything is temporary in the world: the money you had,the power you had,the prestige you had,the only thing going to matter is the impacts you had on other people’s lives. She found IYAP give her the opportunity to bring change in society, the ability to develop a deeper practice of self-reflection, diverse social network,unique identity as well as career growth. She thinks we are responsible to act & behave like capable citizens & put up our part individually and collectively to change this world for a better place to live in