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The project titled ‘Employment Opportunities during COVID 19’ is a virtual corporate  forum that discusses a timely concern which is how to secure employment during the new normal following the COVID 19 economic impact. This was live-streamed on IYAP Pakistan Facebook page on the 21st of June 2020 with the guest participation of Mr. Faizan Hussain who is a holder of a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management and is currently pursuing a Learning and Development related role in the corporate sector and of Mr. Hassan, the Co-Lead of GBG Karachi who at the same time is a business graduate and a public policy enthusiast. They provided their insights on the novel job opportunities, how to be corporate ready and how to acquire the necessary skills and training in the quest to increase youth employability. The session reached nearly 600 delegates and was, no doubt, of significant value.

Refer to the session video link here.


The IYAP Pakistan team sensed the anxiety that clouded the minds of the Pakistani youth in relation to the burning issue of securing employment in a context where the statistics hinted at an expectation of a rise in the rate of unemployment to 6% in 2020 which was still exacerbated by the sudden outbreak of COVID.

This inititative was taken as a measure to provide answers to a multiple questions and clarify doubts about the corporate sector and employment opportunities, boost the confidence in the youth by allowing them to stay informed and keep abreast of new trends of employment.