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The project Equality Advocates initiated by IYAP in partnership with American Corner, Jaffna and funded by the U.S. Embassy was launched with 35 young girls from the Northern and Eastern provinces between the ages of 18-and 29 for a series of online training sessions. The project aims to create awareness of gender-based violence through empowering women and promoting non-violent, equitable, and respectful relationships. This is by focusing on heightening youth awareness regarding possibilities to be and demonstrating prevention mechanisms, thus resulting in creating an impact on the prevention of gender-based violence.


The main purpose of this project is to increase the awareness of gender-based violence among the public through training young women to become equality advocates. 

Objective 1: Use dialogue as a tool for gender-based violence awareness and advocacy.

Objective 2: Be able to build their leadership skill to lead and influence the community.

Objective 3: Create an online platform to discuss and share and continue to build on more effective networking and support for gender-based violence through intra-generational experience and knowledge sharing. 

Project Timeline and Area

During the 10 weeks of training, participants from Northern and Eastern provinces were able to learn, discuss and spread awareness of gender-based violence and gender equality. On the 8th of March (International Women’s Day) a week-long social media campaign on gender-based violence was initiated and launched by the participants which involved sharing stories, writing a series of blog articles, as well as spreading awareness through poems and social media posts by engaging young people to advocate. It was done with the support of the project coordinators and the communication team.

Who Involved

The project was led by Ms. Abiraami Manikavasagar and Ms.Hana Raashid, the interns of IYAP and the participants were trained by Ms. Saranya Sivasubramanium, member of board of directors of IYAP cum professional trainer and Mr. Wazeer Gaffoor, the Junior Associate Communication Officer at IYAP. Along with that, Ms.Zumana Ziyad, Communication Officer supported the social media post and campaign.