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Health Talk

Equip Youth with proper knowledge to address health challenges during COVID-19


Health Talk 2020 was implemented with an eye to raise the awareness of community on the importance of maintaining good sanitation and hygiene practices which are the key factors of preventing and managing COVID-19 outbreak as well as many other deadly and infectious diseases. This project was conducted under four sessions which were maintaining the physical well-being in a pandemic, challenges to mental health in a lock-down situation, menstrual Health and Hygiene- menstrual hygiene management and how to manage an emergency health situation. Virtual discussions, social media posters, videos, info graphs and blogs articles were completed under the project to deliver the messages through various platforms of social media in an effective way.


Through this project the health challenges of COVID-19 was addressed with much concern, not only to prevent COVID 19 but also to aware the community on the new health challenges yet to come such as issues related to mental well-being and menstrual hygiene management. Hence, the project is aimed to the objectives, Increase the sanitation and hygiene practices among youth, Increase the knowledge requires to maintaining a good mental and physical health during a pandemic situation, Create awareness about Menstrual health management among both men and women and break the stigma and Increase the knowledge required to react in emergency health situation.

Who Involved

This program was initiated by International Youth Alliance for Peace (IYAP). The project Heath Talks 2020, was handled by Miss. Kasuri Kaushalya Pathirana, the Administrative Assistant of International Youth Alliance for Peace. Miss. Lakmali Perera, the communication Intern and Mr. Mohommed Wazeer, the graphic designer of IYAP have contributed to conduct the social media campaign effectively.

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