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Project Overview

SCORE Youth Activity is a 12 month project, implemented by International Youth Alliance for Peace and funded by USAID through Global Communities SCORE. The project targets the youth between the age of 18 to 29 to improve their civic awareness, leadership skills, participation in community improvements, and decision-making processes. The SCORE Youth Activity emphasizes soft skills development, including leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship skills which empower the Sri Lankan youth to become more engaged in their communities.

SCORE Youth Activity aims to build the youth’s civic engagement skills through training and internships while reinforcing the institutional capacity by engagement in youth leadership. Despite the challenges of  COVID-19 that has caused significant economic, social and cultural disruptions, the SCORE youth activity aims to train young people with leadership skills, and magnify their civic engagement, inclusive approach in all fields of growth and resilience to violent extremism.

Project Timeline


Training of Trainers and Pre - Internship Bootcamp

In order to train the 280 interns from 14 districts, 28 Training Facilitators from 14 districts are trained on Module Based Learning and Training to imply the capacity of training facilitators to lead the young interns of the district.

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Internship Placement and Training

The internship’s initial plan is to place 20 interns per cohort in each district for a 4-month internship to be taught SCOREs leadership and civic engagement curriculum. Prior to the internship and over the course of the internship

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March to April

Forums, Policy Dialogues and Workshops

In this phase, forums, workshops and/or dialogues among government agencies, CSO, youth associations, activists, chambers of commerce,

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Capstone & Symposium

June - July

Capstone Activity (Workshops and Community Support Projects)

Young people are often regarded as envoys of social change for powerful communities. Not only are youth demonstrating to be catalysts and prolific communicators in social change, but their involvement

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Youth Symposium and Award Ceremony

As a space to celebrate, recognize and appreciate the accomplishments and efforts of SYA interns who completed their BootCamp training and internship, advisory board members, staff and al

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Narratives of SYA


The campaign brings you all the life-changing stories, inspiring content and top narratives that the transformed youth has to offer, all in one place.

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Project Locations