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Training the youth of today and turning them into the leaders of tomorrow, helping them to step into the ‘big’ shoes with confidence, is an essential need in this day and age. We at IYAP strongly affirm that the skills our youth learn in the classroom, although essential, are not the only ones needed to help them face the uncertain future. They need self-confidence, the right attitude and the knowledge of how to present themselves, how to carry themselves and how to effectively solve the problems they would face on a daily basis, and the key element to all this is proper and effective communication skills.

Speak with Impact is a six month project of International Youth Alliance for Peace, in partnership with American Corner – Jaffna and funded by American Corner Sri Lanka  to provide young people with the practical skills and knowledge necessary to express themselves clearly, with confidence and power, in a variety of speaking situations.  


The main motive of the project covers the following objectives : 

  • To use public speaking as a tool for career advancement   
  • To provide examples of ways that public speaking can lead to influence   
  • To differentiate between public speaking and conversation in order to strengthen the confidence and courage in speech delivery. 

Project Timeline and Area

During the 10 week’s Intensive Online Training on Public Speaking, the youths from the Jaffna region worked together to learn and develop themselves by being trained on knowledge, creativity, speech development, speaking title, delivery methods, and presentation. The training series on Public Speaking which was concluded with a debate competition, aimed to use public speaking as a tool for career advancement and train the participants to be good public speakers in society who can lead and influence others.

Who Involved

As the implementation partner of the project, Ms. Aafrin Yaseen, Senior Project Officer of IYAP, headed and led the project on behalf of International Youth Alliance for Peace, while Mr. Wazeer Gaffoor, the Junior Associate Communication Officer provided a considerable contribution to make this project a success and Ms. Saranya Subramaniyam, Research Intern of IYAP provided her support for the project in an effective form.

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