Strength in diversity: Celebrate Zero Discrimination Day and empower your workplace with the power of inclusion

Introduction: Zero Discrimination Day is an annual event held on March 1st to promote equality and eradicate all forms of discrimination (UNAIDS, 2022). Discrimination violates human rights and leads to inequality, exclusion, and marginalization. This blog article emphasizes the significance of Zero Discrimination Day and how it provides an opportunity to embrace diversity in the […]

Overcoming Challenges, Empowering the Future: Navigating the Economic Crisis with Sri Lanka’s Youth

Introduction The post-pandemic economic crisis era has presented numerous challenges for young people in Sri Lanka. The youth in Sri Lanka face several obstacles, including high rates of unemployment and underemployment (Perera, 2020). Moreover, discrimination, stigma, and lack of support further amplify these challenges for LGBTQ individuals and differently-abled youth (Lanka Rainbow Forum, 2020). This […]