IYAP National Task Force

Pramudi Lankanadee

International coordinator

An individual with a passion to explore and constantly develop, Pramudi Lankanadee has been actively engaged with several youth organizations and platforms and has worked closely with the section of language and cultural affairs at the Delegate General of Alliance in Sri Lanka and Maldives. She has also worked with refugee children and secondary school youth in Malaysia in projects focusing on ensuring quality education. Led by her interest in pursuing a career in International affairs, she is currently pursuing her undergraduate studies in the field of International Relations and Economics, at the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, while at the same time experimenting with multiple languages and their literature.

Fathima Sumaiya

Volunteer coordinator

I am Sumaiya Nasrudeen, an enthusiastic youth interested in social development and public speaking. I recently joined IYAP believing my interests, skills and Positive ethics will assist their projects and youth empowerment. I've had different experience and enhanced my knowledge by engaging in different projects. Also its a great privilege to be a part of this well built enthusiastic team.

Risla Rizwan

My name is Risla, and, I completed my bachelor's degree, Bachelor of Arts at the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka. I have been volunteering with IYAP from 2017. As a young woman, I strongly believe that youth can play a vital role in community to bring the positive changes. Providing equal opportunities and access to the youth will make them as responsible citizens.

Aafrin Yaseen

LLB (uk), reading Attorney-At-Law at Sri Lankan Law College. Been a part of IYAP since 2017 as a Volunteer. Major interest is on social work, Youth Development and being a social Advocate. For me I always believe “Work for a cause, not for applause”

Mohammed Irshad

I am Irshad, I have completed my bachelor's in Cyber security and forensic investigation. Working in Risk advisory and audit assurance. I have been volunteering with IYAp from 2019. I strongly believe in ideology of equal opportunities, when equality of opportunity prevails, the assignment of individuals to places in the social hierarchy is determined by some form of competitive process, and all members of society are eligible to compete on equal terms. Different conceptions of equality of opportunity construe this idea of competing on equal terms variously.