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Overview of the Program 

In exposing corruption and pursuing legal, political, and punitive action against it, the media has the ability to be a key player. By serving as a corruption watchdog, promoting integrity, and involving the public in anti-corruption initiatives, various media genres demonstrate their individual strengths and limitations as anti-corruption tools, based on the stages at which they function, the audiences they approach, and the large bureaucratic platform on which they focus primarily. Recognizing the significance of the issue leads to the initiation of the Action Against Corruption (ACT) program.

Action Against Corruption (ACT) is a 4-months project, implemented by IYAP (International Youth Alliance for Peace) in partnership with American Corner Jaffna and funded by the US Embassy Sri Lanka for Young Social Activists and Undergraduates in the Fields of Media and Law – the Participants from Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka that includes a 10-Week Strategic Course on Digital Media for Anti-Corruption delivered online, Case Study Analysis and Campaign Designing related to the implementation of anti-corruption strategies.

Action Against Corruption (ACT) aims to ensure that young activists and students from Northern and Eastern parts of Sri Lanka are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to engage effectively in strengthening the digital campaigning processes to elevate the anti-corruption, transparency, accountability, and integrity level in the community through an understanding of digital literacy and e-governance at the crossroads of public administration and e-governance.

Main Objectives

To understand and create awareness on the types of corruption in various government and non-governmental structures and ways to prevent it.

Create awareness and tools to understand using social media and digital media to fight corruption.

Capacitate the participants (young change-makers and social activists) to apply digital literacy to prevent corruption.

2. Strategic Course on Digital Media for Anti-Corruption

Intake: September 2022

Duration: 10 weeks (about 3 months)

Time Commitment: 2 to 4 hours per week

Mode: Online

Medium: English

Cost: Free

Level: Strategic Level

Main Components: Digital Media, Anti-Corruption Tactics, Law, and Legal Frameworks, Electronic Governance, Transparency and Accountability, Case Studies, and Civil Society Efforts.

What Does the Strategic Course on Digital Media for Anti-Corruption Entail?

“Embarking Together in Combatting Corruption Using Digital Media” will support participants’ understanding of the core ideas of anti-corruption efforts, such as how digital media campaigns may reduce corruption and foster more transparent and accountable governance. By examining and learning about legal frameworks, best practice case studies, innovative anti-corruption initiatives and the role of investigative and research-based efforts, participants will leave equipped to develop an anti-corruption campaign plan to launch in their community using digital media tools in order to enhance the youth engagement in building a transparent and accountable governance system. 

Delivered by the International Youth Alliance for Peace, this 10-week strategic course will provide a thorough understanding of the strategies that can be employed to alleviate corruption by utilizing the latest information and digital tools and techniques applied at both the governmental and international levels to enhance transparency, accountability, integrity, and anti-corruption in the community.  

Experts in the field will lead this course through interactive lectures, and best practice case studies, fostering innovation, creating learning and networking amongst the participants.  

Once you have completed the 10-week course, you will be awarded an official certificate and a transcript. 

Course Modules

A comprehensive analysis of the digital media mechanisms behind effective anti-corruption initiatives will be provided, with subjects to be discussed including:

Financial Crime – An Introduction

Common Law Rules: Sri Lanka

Domestic Legal Frameworks: Sri Lanka

International Frameworks And Recent Efforts

Role Of Electronic Governance In Creating Transparency And Accountability To Alleviate Corruption.

The Influence of Online Mass Media on Anti-Corruption

Legal Awareness Education

Civil Society’s Experience of Anti-Corruption Training

Designing An Anti-Corruption Awareness Raising Campaign

Case Studies And Campaign Presentation

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course the participants will be able to: 

  • Develop, construct, and implement a campaign plan to tackle corruption and promote transparency.  
  • Identify the value of regulatory legal frameworks through digital campaigning.  
  • Improve capacity and support structures of integrity and accountability through utilizing digital media tools 
  • Develop the specialist skills needed for professional goals 
  • Study around existing commitments with virtual learning 
  • Expand the expertise and knowledge on using digital media for promoting anti-corruption.  
  • Join a community of like-minded learners from Northern and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka. 

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Between the age of 18 to 30 
  • Young social activists and undergraduates in the fields of media and law from Northern and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka.  
  • Proficiency in English is mandatory.  
  • Availability for engaging in the project for 04 months 
  • Interested in the areas of digital media, anti-corruption, and co-fields.  


How to apply