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Language Gallery 2021


Learning a new language is always somewhat challenging task. But as we live in, we have to learn certain other languages ​​to communicate with other people. Because if we can’t communicate with others properly or we can’t understand what others are talking about, a lot of miscommunications and misunderstandings can happen. Learning these languages ​​is even more important if you plan to travel to other countries.
Currently, we have started to teach Sinhala and Tamil through this programme, the two major languages ​​required in Sri Lanka. This is a great opportunity for those who are interested in learning the two national languages. If you know both Sinhala and Tamil very well, you can get lots of benefits. Otherwise, you will find it difficult to move forward in the new world of globalization.

Project commencing on 6th of February.


Sri Lanka is a multi-cultural country and people mostly speak in Sinhala and Tamil language. But most of the people only know one language. When we know other cultures’ languages it’s easy to communicate, understand, and build a friendship. It’s mostly useful for our day-to-day activities especially when we are pursuing a career.

Language Gallery seeks to build harmony, reduce violence, and promote peacebuilding within society using Language as a medium of bonding. Following are the learning objectives this project looking forward to achieving.

  • Achieve functional proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in order to communicate with speakers of Sinhala and Tamil language
  • Develop participants’ awareness of the importance of Sinhala and Tamil as a means of Local communication
  • Recognize culture-specific perspectives and values embedded in language behavior
  • Develop the linguistic competence that enables participants to be aware of the cultural, economic, and social issues of their society in order to contribute to giving solution
  • Decode, analyze, and interpret authentic texts of different genres
  • Establishing and maintain social relations
  • Expressing one’s reactions
  • Talking one’s way out of trouble
  • Seeking & giving information
  • Learning or teaching others to do or make something

Training Hours

The online training programme is conducted every Saturday from 3 pm to 4 pm via Zoom for 3 months period.  During these training hours, participants will be able to develop their Sinhala and Tamil language skills and gain a new experience.  Not only will this hour enable participants to work together in brotherhood and friendship, but it will also be an extraordinary experience as well.


Sinhala and Tamil are probably the most spoken language in Sri Lanka, which have given opportunities to learn and practice every day. These two languages play an important role in everyday life. Knowing how to write and speak these two languages improve our effectiveness and they have become critical in different roles of work, business, and communication.

Further knowing these languages will help to communicate and understand other culture’s issues and perspectives. Also, learning these languages will help to meet different people, create a quick bond, and to get to know what they think.

There are many reasons why learning a new language is important. Language is a part of the culture and learning a language is also learning a culture. It strengthens the harmony and peace within a society and to avoid misunderstanding. If you learn and practice a language you will be a better listener to understand what is right or wrong.

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People who involved with the project

Miss. Kasuri Kaushalya (Administrative Assistant of IYAP)

Project Leader

Miss. Rizla Rizwan (National Task Force member of IYAP)

Project Leader

N. J. Zeron Anas (Volunteer)

Project coordinator

Sandeepani Ranathunge (Volunteer)

Project coordinator

Devindi Gunarathne (Volunteer)

Project coordinator

G.A.Ishara Dilhani (Volunteer)

Language session coordinator- Sinhala

Ahamed Athik (Volunteer)

Language session coordinator- Tamil