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Project Overview

Gaining from the community and giving back to the same, are they conflicting? We thought not!

Social Entrepreneurship is a mechanism of addressing social, cultural and environmental issues in one’s community by the means of a market-oriented approach that benefits both one’s self and the larger community outside while making a contribution to a more sustainable, equitable and just society.

With that in mind, International Youth Alliance for Peace in partnership with the American Corner in Colombo launched the initiative of empowering the SL youth to emerge positive and sustainable change-makers in the community. The initiative aims to equip a target audience of 20+ young people aged between 18 and 28 years of age with the skills of social entrepreneurship, guiding them to develop their own idea for a social enterprise to create a social centered solution for an identified social, cultural or environmental issue in their local communities.


The project, Social Innovator 1.0 aims to introduce the concept of Social Entrepreneurship to the participants of the project by demonstrating the following sub motives : 

  1. Introducing the participants to the concept of Social Entrepreneurship 
  2. Developing an innovative project idea which generates a sustainable solution to an identified social issue in their local community.
  3. Aligning that idea with a business model under the guidance of experienced individuals in the field

Resource Facilitator

Mr. Eranda Ginige

Founder, Social Enterprise Lanka / Author / Co-Creator of ‘Ath Pavura’, the TV show for Social Entrepreneurs and Impact Investors in Sri Lanka

Social Enterprise Idea Evaluation Panel

Ms. Jegatheewari Ehamparam

Assistant/Visiting Lecturer in Agriculture / Consultant

Dr. Nirmal De Silva

Entrepreneur / Strategy Consultant / Board Director & Associate Professor in Business Management

Mr. Vishan Rajakaruna

Social Entrepreneurhip Development Lead at Lanka Impact Investment Network

Organizing Team

Pramudi Lankanadee

Project Lead

Pramodi Bandara

Project Coordinator for Logistics

Isuri Rupasingha

Project Coordinator for Delegates (Participants)

Dinithi Edirisinha

Project Coordinator for Delegates (Resource Persons)

Dilshan Jayakody

Social Media Officer

Chanaka Jayaweera

Project Coordinator for Delegates (Participants)