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Youth, Peace and Security Consultation (YPS)


Sri Lanka is a multicultural country that consists of several ethnic and religious groups. During the civil war, the structure of the governance of the country was ethnically divisive. This led to the population of Sri Lanka validating discrimination against ethnic minorities. In addition to that, there is a strong belief held that youth cannot contribute constructively towards solving any problem. In such an environment Youth, Peace, and Security Consultation (YPS) offered a safe environment for youth to discuss their different opinions related to peace and security and also to help reshape the roles of the youth in peacebuilding processes. IYAP played a big part in the organization of this consultation, as our mission is youth empowerment. The United Nations Security Council initiated the Youth, Peace, and Security Consultation (YPS).


This project is aimed to convey the views and thoughts of the youth participants. YPS also identified the challenges that are faced by youth when they initiate peacebuilding efforts. The consultations were held in 4 districts – Colombo, Batticaloa, Kilinochchi, and Matara. The four major themes that were addressed were the absence of violence or conflict, unity, justice, and freedom. These consultations eventually contributed to a global study on the positive contribution of youth in peacebuilding by the UN.

Who Involved

 IYAP also formed partnerships with many member organizations such as UN Volunteers, UNICEF, World Vision Lanka, and Sri Lanka Unites, and many others during this project. The youth participants were selected from the ages range 18 to 28 years old and were consist of a balanced mix of both female and male participants.