Best Way to Destroy Racism

Mar 23, 2022


Racism is an important topic that’s discussed around the world today. However, this problem should be concluded to reduce its negative consequences. Especially if it’s in public or in school where children can see, absorb and act in a racist. In human history, the most ordinary line of thinking is that one’s own race is superior and may rule others. Discrimination can be individual but it is most often the prejudices by a group of people against another.

People should understand the consequences of online racism as well. We see beautiful girls and handsome boys on social media. Thereafter, we start hating ourselves. We should understand that social media is just a lie. Nothing is like that in real life. 

I was bullied by my friends badly during my college days. They always made fun of my look and my slang. So I didn’t want to talk to anybody. I was depressed and couldn’t concentrate on my studies. During that time I struggled so much but my mother never give up on me. She kept supporting me and encouraged me to do what was correct for me. This was my personal experience of racism. 

We are all born on this earth and have equal rights. Every human has their own story and we never know what they faced in their life. Everyone has a different lifestyle and we don’t know how another is struggling. We see only the outside, but if you see how much they suffer, you wouldn’t dare to make fun of them. If you like them, just support them, because everyone needs that one person to boost their confidence and help tackle their problems. If you don’t like them, let them be free; they’ll take care of themselves.

The first step to getting over racism is to love oneself. You need to think positive against all odds. So try to accept your body whatever the skin tone or hair type or the shape of your body, because you know yourself better than anyone. Be proud of it.

“Let us not love in word or talk. But in actions and in truth.”

1 John 4:19

Love is the only way to eradicate racism in this world. As much as possible, spread love, not hate. Because everyone is looking for care and love. Love yourself and others.

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