Examining the Impact of Good Governance on the Aging Population in Sri Lanka

By Kodithuwakku I.I. Abstract This study aimed to assess the impact of good governance on the aging population in Sri Lanka. The data was collected through a survey with a sample of 30 respondents being older adults who are residing in the Colombo District and aged between 60 to 75 years using the Non-Probability Convenience […]

Women’s Rights Violations and the Challenges of Protecting Them: A Case Study of Mannar District

By V. Vithushan Fernando Introduction Respect for people’s rights is a vital component of a thriving democracy. Recognizing that women’s rights are interconnected with broader human rights principles is critical to contributing to a more equitable and just society. Empowering women politically, economically, and socially is essential to upholding democratic ideals, increasing their effectiveness, promoting […]

Examining policies implemented by the government to enhance women’s participation in peace-building process in the South Asian region

By Amasha Piyuminee Wickramasekara Abstract The South Asian region consists of countries like Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Maldives. The South Asian region has a complex history of conflicts and tensions due to its diverse populations belonging to diverse cultures, languages, and religions. That is, due to the long-standing territorial disputes between […]

Political Participation of People with Disabilities in Colombo: Challenges and Solutions

By A.H.Fathima Hasna Introduction Political participation is a topic of much discussion and attention in today’s society. This political participation is very necessary for citizens to govern themselves effectively. Political participation is seen as an important right to be given to the people in a democratic government. It is of vital importance for democracy to […]