Rights to Linguistics

“No citizen should be discriminated or favored due to the reasons of race, religion, language, caste, sex, political opinion, place of birth.” It has been 12 years since the end of the civil war but we still talk about reconciliation. Our politicians proudly talk about how they defeated the LTTE terrorist organization but no one […]

The Fight Against Menstrual Poverty in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, it is evident that the topic of menstruation is regarded as a taboo which is approached with caution in society only if absolutely necessary, and it being very rarely ever discussed publicly and freely. The subject of reproductive health is sparsely expounded in schools where this knowledge is most vital. This topic […]

Peace Incubator(Kandy Workshop)2021

peace incubator

“An inclusive space with knowledge and tools for the youth to Activate reconciliation and communal harmony.” Peace Incubator is a platform to train youth with knowledge and skills that spearhead youth-led initiatives geared towards creating communal harmony among their communities. Peace Incubator is an inclusive space to share and empower young people with knowledge and […]